In this Titleist Tour Speed ball review, Joel Tadman tests the new offering out on the course to see how it compares with the Pro V1, Pro V1x and Tour Soft

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist Tour Speed Ball


  • A ball with seemingly no weaknesses - excellent performance from tee-to-green therefore providing great value.


  • Soft feel won't be to everyone's taste. Extra distance on iron shots versus Pro V1 may not be desireable.


Titleist Tour Speed Ball


Price as reviewed:

£40.00 (per dozen)

Clubhouse Golf

Titleist Tour Speed Ball Review

An intriguing option from Titleist, seemingly blending characteristics of both Pro V1 and Tour Soft to create something in the middle.

We gave the Tour Speed ball a thorough test over 9 holes, comparing it on every shot faced with our current Pro V1x ball as well as the Pro V1 to see how they compared in terms of distance, ball flight, control and feel.


How the Titleist Tour Speed (left) compares visually to the Pro V1x

Titleist Tour Speed Balls

Visually, on close inspection, the Tour Speed does have a slightly duller, more off-white finish compared to the Pro V1s along with a larger, more bolded logo but any differences in dimple pattern are impossible to spot.

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Off the tee, the Tour Speed kept up admirably with our Pro V1x with no obvious differences in the flight. With the irons it was a slightly different story, as the Tour Speed seemed to fly a little higher and on average was around 3-5 yards longer in carry through the set.


Around the green, it was difficult to tell any major differences in the balls. Perhaps the Tour Speed ran out a touch more on chip shots but there really wasn’t much in it.

Tour Speed definitely provides more green side control than Tour Soft but maintains a similarly soft feel. In fact, it was noticeable that Tour Speed provides a much softer feel on all shots from driver all the way down to putter than the Pro V1s.

The Pro V1s feels solid and faster while the Tour Speed feels a little more jumpy, especially with wedges and the putter. On the greens, this produced a quieter sound but the ball still ran out a similar distance.

Tour Speed’s arrow-based alignment mark, with smaller arrows making up one large double-ended arrow, does a good job at assisting with aim on the greens but one could argue a solid black line would be more effective.


While we think Pro V1 and Pro V1x feel a little better than Tour Speed, aside from this you’re really not giving up a great deal. The extra distance with iron shots will take a little adjusting too, but this seems to be an excellent alternative if Titleist’s premium offerings are out of your budget but you still want all-round performance.