The Golf Monthly test team's Mizuno JPX ball review, an all-ability golf ball with micro dimples to help slow the ball's descent, increasing distance.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Mizuno JPX balls


  • Superb, towering long-game distance


  • Limited short game feel and control


Mizuno JPX ball review


Price as reviewed:

£35.00 (per dozen)

Clubhouse Golf

Key technology
Mizuno’s three-piece, all-ability JPX ball features micro dimples designed to slow down the ball’s angle of descent, helping it to stay in the air for as long as possible, thereby increasing distance. The cluster pattern comes into effect as the ball speed drops towards the end of its flight, but does so without affecting the higher ball speeds generated at impact. The micro dimples form part of a 512-dimple pattern and combine with a construction that gives the ball a soft feel and responsive playability.

Will suit
Golfers after more distance from their ball without losing out completely on short-game feel and control.

GM verdict
While it’s difficult to gauge whether the ball stays in the air for a significantly longer period of time, what is clear to see is the towering ball flight on offer when you really catch a drive or mid-iron approach shot. There’s still enough greenside control for the majority of amateurs, especially when you consider the shorter irons they’re likely to be hitting into greens with this ball. Well-struck chips from good lies grab on the first bounce and then release.

If you play a ball around this price point already, the transition into JPX should be seamless. From tee to green, the JPX ball doesn’t feel as soft or check up as quickly as the premium models seen out on tour. But anything it lacks in short-game performance it makes up for in carry distance and shelf appeal.


If you want to be rewarded with more distance on your well-struck shots, especially from the tee, this ball could be what you’ve been looking for.