SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag Review

Mike Bailey tests SuperStroke’s new Pantheon Stand Bag out on the course, both as a carry and cart bag

SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag Review
(Image credit: Mike Bailey)
Golf Monthly Verdict

SuperStroke’s new Pantheon Stand Bag is beautiful, well-made, and functional. The premium look is backed up by practical features that enhance your experience on the course. It's on the heavy side, but this helps with stability.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great looks

  • +

    Magnetic pocket

  • +

    Large, deep valuables pouch

  • +

    Interchangeable straps

  • +

    Substantial rain hood

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Weighs a little more than many stand bags

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If you’re like most golfers, you know SuperStroke for its putter grips that have become so popular, like the Wrist Lock or Zenergy Pistol grip. More recently, the Wixom, Mich.-based company also started making grips for the rest of the clubs in the bag as well as putter head covers and some other accessories. Its latest endeavor comes in the form of golf bags first introduced as a special Ryder Cup edition. SuperStroke is offering three different types - a stand bag, a cart bag, and a hybrid bag. 

 We took a look at SuperStroke’s new Pantheon Stand Bag, and it made a great impression right out of the box. It is a substantial product that gives off a luxurious vibe, much like the bags offered by Vessel. The one I tested was black (it’s also available in white), and it has very clean lines with simulated leather; an ergonomic handle on top; five-way, full-length divider; towel ring; and heavy-duty fiberglass legs that easily extend when placing it on the ground. 

SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag top

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

It also has a feature that I prefer for any carry bag, a front magnetic pocket. That’s important because that's where I like to store my rangefinder. The magnetic flap provides quick, easy access without having to unzip and zip. Even if you use the rangefinder’s case clipped to your bag, most of those cases use zippers, and it’s just too cumbersome of a process throughout a round.

But again, what really stood out for me with SuperStroke’s Pantheon Stand Bag is its looks. The thicker, more luxurious material used throughout the bag is probably why it weighs a little more than a lot of the best carry bags on the market. But even at almost six pounds, it’s only an extra pound or so over the lightest and best carry bags on the market, and many of those don’t work well on a golf cart. Which brings me to the next point.

SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag with clubs in

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

Despite SuperStroke also offering a hybrid bag, the Pantheon Stand Bag is also versatile. I found that it fit well on both a push cart and a powered golf cart with its flat bottom. My only complaint is that when it’s placed on a powered cart, the cart strap does somewhat impede the top of the valuables and large pockets on the right, but they are still fairly accessible. 

Speaking of pockets, the Pantheon Stand Bag has six of them, including the aforementioned magnetic pocket. One of the other pockets is an insulated drink pouch. The other four have waterproof zippers. The bag has a large ball pocket in front, while the valuables pouch (upper right) is lined and deep with plenty of space to store your wallet, keys, and cell phone. Inside the large full-length pocket on the right you’ll find the bag’s rain hood, which like the golf bag itself, is made with high-quality material and fastens fairly easily to the top of the golf bag with velcro and a couple of snaps. That pocket is also large enough for outerwear and even a small launch monitor.

SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag testing

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

 The bag also comes with a single strap that can easily be switched out for the double strap that comes standard with the bag. This is important when using a caddie who’s double bagging. It makes it much easier for them to use a single strap for each bag if it's available.

And finally, there’s a nice-sized pocket on the lower left side, which is good for extra gloves, a wrench for your woods, and sunscreen. The bag also comes with a loop for an umbrella.

Suggested retail of $349 certainly reflects that this is a luxury brand, but if this is your only bag, it works well in all applications. For its first entry into the category trying to compete with the best golf bags, SuperStroke has certainly debuted with a strong opener.

Mike Bailey
Contributing writer

Mike has worked in the golf industry for nearly 30 years with full-time staff positions at publications and websites that include PGA Magazine, the Golfweek Group, and He is currently writing for several different sites and magazines and serves as a contributing equipment writer for Golf Monthly, focusing on irons, shoes and the occasional training aid or piece of technical equipment. 

Mike has experienced a number of highlights in his career, including covering several Ryder Cups, PGA Championships and the Masters, writing instruction pieces and documenting the best places for golf travel for more than a decade.

Mike carries a 7.6 handicap index and has two hole-in-ones, the most recent coming in February 2022. A resident of Texas for more than 40 years, Mike plays out of Memorial Park Golf Course (home of the Houston Open on the PGA Tour).