We take the SuperStroke WristLock Putter Grip out onto the putting green to see how it can help with better consistency on the greens.

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SuperStroke WristLock Putter Grip


  • Ideal for anyone who is inconsistent and lacking confidence on the greens. Can fit on any putter.


  • You will likely have to slightly adjust your current putter to attach it.


SuperStroke WristLock Putter Grip


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SuperStroke WristLock Putter Grip Review

If you struggle with inconsistency on the greens, this innovative grip from SuperStroke could give you the edge.

Joel Tadman tests the SuperStroke WristLock putter grip 

Cleverly designed, the WristLock helps you lock the inside of the grip into your upper wrist to improve stability and keep the putter steady through the stroke.

If you’re someone who has suffered with the dreaded yips, this could be a game changer.


Approved by the USGA it’s been engineered to lock into the upper wrist to prevent unwanted motion. Basically, it’s a less extreme version of the arm lock putting method.

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The extra consistency delivered is noticeable and it really does take twitching hands out of the equation.

It will fit onto any putter, but because of the shaft lean it promotes, it might make sense for you to either add length to your putter, or a little extra loft, or even both.

The grip comes with SuperStroke’s No Taper technology and a parallel design to promote even grip pressure with both hands, and it comes with the SuperStroke Tech Port to accept accessories like the CounterCore weight system which is designed to help you engage larger muscles for an even more stable stroke.

The No Taper design definitely helps you deliver even pressure on the grip and it has a great tacky feeling in the hands.

The option for the CounterCore weight system is another positive – If you already use that, it’s easy enough to transfer it to the WristLock grip.

If you’re looking for something new on the greens, the SuperStroke WristLock grip is definitely worth a try. You might need to slightly alter your current putter to make it work but it could certainly give you the edge on the putting surfaces.


An excellent style of grip for those who might have the putting yips or find their hands get too involved on the greens. While it can attach to any putter, you may need to make a few adjustments