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Get the verdict on reader and one time columnist Frances Geiger Pelles’ guide to getting yourself in shape to hit the airways and be in with a chance of winning a copy.

The Essential Balance by Frances Geiger Pelles, Troubador Publishing, £8.99

If you (like me) are fed up with celeb-endorsed fitness regimes or TV-based workout routines then this could be the book for you. Written by (GM July 07) reader columnist, it is a spartan, straight-forward and highly instructive book that ticks all the boxes, without any of the frankly unnecessary paraphernalia ? a bit like a fresh, juicy green salad (without the thousand island dressing of course), which of course is exactly what we should all be eating.

Although the likes of our friends Daly, Clarke and Monty have shown that there is hope for the man (and woman) that likes a burger or four, it is clear that if you are in shape you will play better. It makes sense and one look at Tiger?s physique at the US Open tells you all you need to know about what the world number one thinks.

The Essential Balance is in a series of easy sections that are clear and easy to follow, with a particularly helpful ?recipes? section. If the words ?Moderation, Perseverance and Patience? don?t send you running for the hills then make sure you pick up a copy and get in shape!

For a chance to win one of two copies click here.

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