WATCH: Phil Mickelson Epic Fail - Attempts Cack-Handed Shot Through A Fence

Phil Mickelson
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Phi Mickelson had a bit of a shocker when trying to get creative at the Arnold Palmer Invitational

Phil Mickelson had a fantastic start to his Arnold Palmer Invitational Round one, with four birdies on the way to a three-under par 33. But then things got out of hand on the 10th hole.

Having hit his tee shot very left, he found himself next a net fence that formed part of the boundary of the course so couldn't be moved.

Most players would have taken their medicine and taken a penalty shot. However Mickelson is not most players, attempting to play right handed underneath the obstacle... fair to say it didn't go well.

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It ended with Mickelson taking the drop that he should have done in the first place and ending with a double bogey.

The action didn't stop there as Mickelson then showed off his flexibility with one of his trademark high kicks.

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Although Mickelson is not the most usual of golfers he is certainly an entertainer!

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