An exact copy of Woods' famous Scotty Cameron, which was built for him as a backup in 2001, broke records when sold at auction


Tiger Woods Backup Putter Sells For Over $150,000

Tiger Woods‘ Scotty Cameron putter is arguably the most famous flat stick in the world.

The American has used it to win 14 of his 15 Majors after using a Terrylium Scotty to win his maiden Major at the 1997 Masters.

Woods’ Scotty Cameron Newport II is distinctive with its red dot on the heel of the face and the Titleist logo and red dot on the back.

He uses a single dot sight line and has his name stamped on the back in red paint too.


With such a distinctive and iconic putter, Woods has had plenty of backups over the years and they’re pretty valuable.

He would get one or two backups each year to test and keep if anything ever happened to the ‘elder wand’ as it’s sometimes called.

Tiger’s original is estimated to be worth $3m-$5m and his backups fetch quite large fees too, with one of his backups from 2001 recently reaching record-breaking numbers at auction.

Woods’ 2001 Scottty sold for $154,928.40 through Golden Age Auctions, over $100,000 more than another one of his backups in 2018.

Another one went for over $88,000 last year.

2001 was the year when he completed the ‘Tiger Slam’, where he won The Masters to hold all four Major championship titles at the same time.

This specific putter that fetched over $150k is an exact copy of his legendary gamer, featuring the same stampings and exact same head.

Some of his backups have very slight differences, for example some have ‘TW’ stamped on the toe, according to Golden Age Auctions.

The version that sold for over $150k is also fitted with Woods’ usual Ping grip too as opposed to a Scotty Cameron one that he never actually uses.

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Tiger said in 2016 that not even his son is allowed to touch his beloved Scotty, “Charlie knows there are two putters he can’t touch.

“There’s the black one I won with the Teryllium insert. I won the Masters in ’97 with it and this Scotty Cameron. They sit next to each other. Touch any other putter, do anything you want with any other putter. But these putters are off limits.”

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