Scott Harrington Disqualified From Valspar Championship

Scott Harrington Disqualified From Valspar Championship

Scott Harrington DQ
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Scott Harrington was disqualified from the Valspar Championship after signing an incorrect scorecard.

Scott Harrington Disqualified From Valspar Championship

Scott Harrington's struggles continued on Friday as the American signed for an incorrect scorecard during the second round of the Valspar Championship.

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The 40-year-old, who had shot a four-over-par first round 75, produced a one-over-par 72 in his second round, leaving the American six shots back of the one-under-par cut line.

Harrington wasn't the only player that was caught out at the Valspar Championship with Jimmy Walker nearly joining Harrington with disqualification.

Walker, who was set to tee off at 7.39am, was still hitting balls on the range when a rules official notified him that he had one minute to get to the first tee. He arrived too late.

As a result, he had two strokes added to his score on the par-5 first hole, turning a par into a double-bogey 7. Had the American arrived more than five minutes late, he would have been immediately disqualified.

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The Harrington incident isn't the first time that something like this has happened this season. At the Masters in April, Matthew Wolff was disqualified after he wrote down a score that was lower than the one he’d made at the 17th hole. Subsequently, he broke Rule 3.3b(3).

Rule 3.3b means that each hole score on the scorecard must be identifiable to the correct hole. So, if a marker enters the player’s front nine scores in the back nine boxes and the back nine scores in the front nine boxes, the scorecard will still be acceptable if the mistake is corrected by altering the hole numbers so that they go with the right score for each hole.

However, if this mistake is not corrected and, as a result, a hole score is lower than actually taken on that hole, the player is disqualified under Rule 3.3b(3).

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