The World Number One says that being a golf fan can be quite exhausting because there are too many tournaments


Rory McIlroy: There Is An Over Saturation In Golf

Rory McIlroy has been clear on his stance over the newly-proposed Premier Golf League – he’s out.

The World No.1 was quite clear that he was against the PGL, saying that the more he thinks about it, the more he doesn’t like it.

He has, however, admitted that golf right now from a fan’s perspective isn’t perfect with no real off-season and 100s of events to follow each year when you take into account the PGA, European, LPGA and Ladies European Tours, as well as Challenge Tour and Senior events.

Speaking in terms of his world, the elite of men’s golf, Rory says the game could do with being streamlined, with a few more smaller field events with no cut.

“I mean, I don’t want to come across as all sort of elitist, but I think there is a some smaller fields, maybe a few more events with no cuts, maybe not necessarily — if you look at the international properties that the PGA Tour have started to go towards, like Korea, Japan, 70-player fields, no cuts,” he said.

“I mean I get playing opportunities…there’s so many tournaments and there might be an over saturation in golf in a way.

“You look at the NFL and they play 18 games a year, 20 games a year max and people want it all the time.

“I know [American] football’s different than golf and all that, but I think being a golf fan these days can get quite exhausting following so many different tournaments, different tours, all that stuff.

“So maybe making it a little, sort of streamline it a bit might be a good way — a good place to start a conversation.”

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