On the spot with Lin Wen Tang

Lin Wen Tang, who will be appearing at the forthcoming Ballantine's Championship in Korea, unwinds with a glass of Ballantine's in the clubhouse and talks about who he admires most on the golf course, plus who he thinks the next Asian will be to win a Major

Lin Wen Tang, Ballantine's Championship

Lin Wen Tang, winner of five Asian Tour titles and Chinese Taipei's highest ranked player, will be competing in the €2.2 million Ballantine's Championship at Pinx Golf Club, Jeju Island, Korea, from April 22-25, 2010.

What's your favourite golf course? My home course, Hsin Fong Golf and Country Club in Hsin Chu County, northwest Taiwan.

Which player do you most admire? The late Payne Stewart - he had so much class, both on and off the course.  

What's the best shot you've ever hit? My approach shot out of the trees to within six feet of the pin on the first play-off hole, the 18th, at the 2008 Hong Kong Open. It kept me in the play-off, which I eventually won.

Who will be the next Asian to win a Major? Ryo Ishikawa. Still young and an amazing talent.

What's your favourite TV programme? Anything on Discovery Channel.

Have you ever sung karaoke? Yes, but I haven't sung for a while.  

What's the best country you've ever visited and why? Japan. It's clean and orderly and it has great food!

How would you fare in a 100m sprint against your fellow pros? Not very well! I'd rather compete against them in a long distance race. I'm pretty fit and think my stamina would give me a chance.

Do you get nervous? Sure!

Which do you prefer, burger or sushi? Sushi.

Who or what makes you laugh? My kids.

What's your favourite movie? Titanic.

How do you relax after a round? If I'm on tour, then I enjoy speaking with my wife and kids on skype.

Ballantine's (opens in new tab) likes to "Leave an impression" - do you hope to do this in Korea? Of course! I enjoyed my previous two visits to the Ballantine's Championship without really getting into contention. I hope for an improvement this time.

What would you like written on your gravestone? The opportunity is always out there for people that are ready.   Where next?

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