This week’s equipment guide stays with drivers. With temperatures across the country exceeding some of those in continental Europe this week, we should all be enjoying a little extra run on the fairways at the moment. Although the good weather may not last, it seems a good idea to review some top drivers currently on the market.

Our April issue has some great new arrivals and, as ever, you can keep up to date with all the latest equipment reviews, galleries, blogs and video reviews online at Golf Monthly. So, here we have selected six new drivers worth asking your club professional about this weekend:

King Cobra S9-1 driver

A traditional shape with Cobra’s 9-point technology has been improved to offer a better transfer of energy from the clubface to the ball. Internal ribs are placed behind the face to help provide a powerful sound at impact. £249.

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Mizuno MX-700 driver

A new titanium-face design gives more distance on off-centre strikes when compared with the previous MX-500 model. The high-pitched noise of the MX-500 has been replaced with a powerful ‘thump’. £199.

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TaylorMade R9 driver

The R9 allows players to change the face angle, lie and loft as well as moving the weights in the head. This combination creates 24 different options that dramatically improve performance. The triangular shaped head is 420cc. £349.

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