The Englishman was chatting to BBC Radio 5 Live about the struggles that our game faces...


Lee Westwood – Golf Is Too Hard

Golf, like most industries, faces struggles in the modern day with competition from others sports and all sorts of various different hobbies and pastimes.

Aside from outside of golf, there are plenty of different struggles that golf faces from within, with the cost to play, the time it takes and the difficulty of the game just a few.

Former World Number one Lee Westwood was speaking on Radio 5 Live about the struggles golf faces and said that the difficulty of the game is one of the main barriers.

The 24-time European Tour winner suggested that holes could be made bigger and rough could be cut down to help new players enjoy golf more.

“I think there’s a few different problems,” Westwood told the station.

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“I think golf takes too long, the speed of play when people watch the professionals play is very slow and I don’t think that helps the perception of golf.

“I think it’s very expensive still to play golf, more could be done to make it a bit cheaper to play.

“I think more girls and women could be encouraged to play, I don’t think they’re encouraged as much as they could be.

“They’re trying to deal with these but it has been a problem that has been around a while and it’s gonna be difficult to change peoples’ perceptions of the game.

“One of the main things with golf is it’s too hard.

“We should be trying to make it easier, I think different formats where maybe where the hole’s bigger, not as much rough on golf courses so people are not out there losing golf balls and looking for their golf balls all the time.

“I think that’s part of the problem, that it is a hard game to play.”

What do you think the biggest obstacles are that golf faces? And do you agree with Westwood that the game is too difficult?

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Listen to Westwood’s comments to BBC Radio 5 Live here.

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