The nine-time Major winner wants to stop the use of green reading books in the professional game


Gary Player On Greens Books: ‘If You Can’t Read A Green, Go Sell Tomatoes’

Slow play has been a huge talking point recently and one of the many factors that have been blamed are green reading books.

The books are a divisive issue with some professionals saying that they speed up play and some saying the complete opposite.

Last week, for example, Phil Mickelson said that they allow him to do 80% of his read before he gets to the green, with Ian Poulter agreeing.

However, former World Number One Luke Donald disagreed, using the hashtag #banthemisay.

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One man who agrees with Donald that they should be banned is nine-time Major champion Gary Player, who told this week’s Golf Monthly podcast that golfers should “sell tomatoes” if they can’t read greens.

“Stop these pros from reading a green on the green with a book,” Player told Golf Monthly.

“I mean it’s the most ridiculous thing.

“The best putters are not now, the best putters were in the past.

“Bobby Locke, Billy Casper, Bob Charles they were better putters than anybody I’ve seen today. Better, really.

“And they played it on lousy greens.

“If you can’t read a green you should go sell tomatoes.”

Player spoke to Golf Monthly on a number of different issues in a fascinating interview.

Listen to the interview in full below (begins at 18 minutes) –

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