The pair locked horns on Twitter over greens books, with Donald saying that they should be banned


Mickelson And Donald Clash Over Green Reading Books

Phil Mickelson took to Twitter earlier this week to have his say on green reading books after they were, along with many other things, blamed for slow play.

Slow play is a huge talking point in the world of golf right now, but Lefty said that anyone who thinks the greens books slow down play is “idiotic.”

That’s because, according to Phil, they help him do “80%” of his read before he has even got to the green.

Someone who disagreed with that was former World Number One Luke Donald who said “Guess I’m an idiot then”, with Mickelson replying “We agree one [sic] one thing at least.”

Donald wrote: “Guess I’m an idiot then. One thing I don’t understand here is for a greens book to be effective you have to know exactly where your ball is on the green relative to the hole – how can you have done 80% of your read then before you’ve even got to the green?? #banthemisay.”

Mickelson wasn’t interested in discussion so just replied with: “We agree one [sic] one thing at least.”

Eddie Pepperell, who upset Bryson DeChambeau this week before apologising for calling him a “single minded twit”, replied saying: “Alright, let’s calm down guys and keep the infighting to me and Bryson.”

Four-time PGA Tour winner Woody Austin was on the side of Luke Donald, replying: “Well said Luke. The golf media would believe anything and everything Phil says as gospel!! Everyone knows it’s more information which adds more time to your reads which “oh s***” adds time!!!”

PGA Tour caddie Kip Henley also says that greens books slow the game down.

“Anyone that says Greens Books speed up the game just aren’t looking at the whole picture,” he wrote on Twitter.

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