A competitor in the PGA Professionals Championship at the weekend made an incredible birdie after his son retrieved it from down an animal hole


Dad Makes Birdie After Son Finds Ball Down Animal Hole

Michael Block made a sensational birdie in the PGA Professionals Championship in California this week after his son put his arm down an animal hole to find his Dad’s ball.

“I would not put my arm down there,” said the TV commentator, and neither would we!

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13-year-old Dylan was caddying for his Dad for the first time. He may be called upon again sometime soon!

Watch Block’s superb birdie:

So from it looking like a lost ball, Block got a free drop from the animal burrowing and made a birdie, that must have felt good.

“I’ll tell you what, there’s no way that I would have seen it and no way I could have gotten it,” he told PGA.com.

“I would not be making the cut right now if that didn’t happen.”

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