'Why Do Golfers Only Wear One Glove?' You Asked Google And We've Got The Answer...

You asked Google and we've got the answer...

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You asked Google why golfers only wear one glove. Here is the answer...

'Why Do Golfers Only Wear One Glove?' You Asked Google And We've Got The Answer...

Google’s autocorrect can provide us with a wealth of information around the general public’s thought, attitudes and curiosities towards golfers.

We typed in 'why golfers' on Google and some interesting results came up, like why golfers wear just one glove.

Other sensible questions included why do golfers wear gloves, shout fore, wear caps, have caddies, take divots and even why do golfers wear two pairs of pants?

Well, in case we get a hole in one of course!

Why Do Golfers Only Wear One Glove?

To golfers, this seems like a silly question. But for other sports players and non-golfers, wearing just one glove may look a little silly.

You don't actually need to wear a glove, as Fred Couples has proved down the years.

Fred Couples plays without a glove. (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)

We wear one glove on our lead hand, so left hand for a right-handed player and vice versa, because that hand has the most effect on the swing and club.

Golfers play in various different temperatures and conditions, so a glove really comes in handy when our hands get sweaty or it begins to rain.

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Some people (myself included) can't even play without a glove. A glove is grippier than our skin and a nice, new one can really grip the club solidly during the swing.

Because of the work that golfers' lead hands have to do in the swing, a glove also helps us avoid blisters.

Tommy Gainey wears two gloves. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Some players, like Couples and Lucas Glover, don't wear gloves whilst some, like Tommy 'two gloves' Gainey and Aaron Rai, wear one on each hand.

Most golfers take off their gloves for putting and short chip shots because it helps them with their feel, and these shots aren't as straining on the hands as full driver or iron shots.

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