Butch Harmon On Tiger Woods: "I Think He Can Win Again"

Butch Harmon thinks tiger can win again, but time will tell whether it is a Major.

Butch Harmon On Tiger Woods
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When asked whether Tiger can win a Major again, Butch Harmon was optimistic. By Sam Tremlett

Butch Harmon On Tiger Woods: "I Think He Can Win Again"

Tiger Woods' former swing coach Butch Harmon thinks Tiger can win again. That is an exciting kind of statement for all us Tiger fans, but there was still a fair amount of fence-sitting in terms of whether Butch thinks he can win a Major.

When asked why or why not can Tiger win a Major title again Butch told the Golf Channel, "well first we've got to try and win a regular tournament and if he can do that he can get his confidence going.

"I learned a long time ago never say never with Tiger Woods because he'll prove you wrong. I think he can win again, whether he can win a Major Championship again or not, I don't know we'll have to wait and see."

Butch Harmon is a former coach of Tiger Woods, pictured here in 2000

He goes on, "we know that Tiger tees it up thinking he can win every tournament that he plays in, but we have to temper our optimism."

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It has to be said as well, that there is all of this focus on Tiger being able to win again, when there are a lot of quality players out there who would like nothing more than to beat him.

Butch touches on this and the effect of Tiger on younger players when he says: "these kids are pretty good these days that he's coming out against. The beauty of what we saw with Tiger Woods there, was how much the kids are into Tiger Woods because all of these guys, the Rickie Fowlers, the Thomas', the Jordan Spieths, they are in the game because of Tiger. And for them to have had a chance to go head to head with him, they were loving it."

Butch also seemed optimistic on what he saw from Tiger in the Hero world Challenge tournament Tiger competed in recently, "I was very encouraged by with what I saw from the Bahamas, pleasantly surprised I must say."

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Tiger in red on the final round of the Hero World Challenge

So despite the fence sitting in terms of Majors, Butch saying Tiger can win again on the PGA Tour will be music to Tiger fans ears. Time will tell if Woods can actually deliver on this early promise.

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