Thanks to a 2019 rules change, the American will putt with the flag in next year


Bryson DeChambeau To Putt With Flag In Next Year

Anybody who knows anything about Bryson DeChambeau understands that he is an American golfer who has his own way of doing things. From using one-length clubs to side-saddle putting, to using a compass to better locate pin positions, the Golfing Scientist looks for any way he can to gain an extra advantage on the course.

And he has recently announced his next technique for compiling together better scores – putting with the flag in.

Now admittedly this doesn’t seem as strange as his other schemes, but it is a significant one because leaving the flag in whilst putting will be allowed from the 1st of January 2019. No longer will it be a penalty.

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DeChambeau has, in the past, talked about his preference to leave the flag in whenever he can and the rules change will allow him to do so wherever he is on the course.

When asked if this would lead to him doing so on the greens he said, “Oh, absolutely. The USGA’s gonna have to go back on that one. Like, ‘No! We made the hole bigger!’”

There is evidence to support this. Studies have been done which show that if the pin is slightly leaning towards or away from the golfer, the ball is more likely to go into the hole. In essence, the only way the pin being left in is a disadvantage, is when the pin is leaning so far towards the golfer that the ball can’t actually fit into the hole.

Clearly then, this new rule is going to lead to more made putts which cannot be a bad thing for all golfers!

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This could lead to better scores on the professional circuits which is a scary prospect if you’re as good as DeChambeau who is coming off three huge wins last season and he only just narrowly lost the FedEx Cup.

What do you make of DeChambeau’s technique? Will you putt with the flag in?

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