PGA Tour Introduces New Chatbot

PGA Tour has introduced a new automated bot called Chatbot.

PGA Tour introduces new Chatbot

PGA Tour has introduced a new automated bot called Chatbot for fans to access information like scores, tee times and highlights.

PGA Tour Introduces New Chatbot

The new Chatbot can give you immediate answers and responses to any competition-related inquiries, such as: The overall leaderboard, what player is on what score and what time are certain tee-times.

Scott Gutterman is the Tour’s Vice President of Digital Operations and described the Chatbot as: “Something that represents another way for the Tour to continue to reach our fans on any platform they may be using throughout the day.”

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He added that: “The release of our Chatbot is part of the Tour's continuing commitment to innovation and reaching fans on new and emerging platforms.”

The bot was produced with Microsoft Bot Framework as well as LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service)

The Tour has always been committed on taking fan feedback to help improve their experience. And to help fans get started on using the bot they can simply just type “main menu,” or try using one of the sample questions.

These questions include: “Who’s winning the tournament? And “How did Tiger Woods do today?

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The Chatbot also allows fans to view individual players, simply by typing in their name. From there they’re able to receive a card with links to the player’s profile, video highlights and scorecard, as well as the player’s tee time or position in the current event.

The PGA Tour has been clear with the bot and is actually encouraging fans to send feedback to help improve the product in the future.

Every question that is asked by the fans will be recorded even if it is unable to answer. This is simply so the PGA know what information to add to new versions of the bot.

Gutterman said: “Over time, we hope to learn what fans are asking for and continue to build out the capabilities of what questions it can respond to and how it responds.”

In the future it may be able to help fans purchase tickets, as well as that it could be programmed to share biographical information on the Tour’s players and answer historical questions about past tournaments and records.

The bot is currently available on Skype and Slack and will soon be available on Facebook Messenger.

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