The LPGA Star was quoted in a Norwegian newspaper saying Donald Trump "cheats like hell" but wrote a statement of defence on Facebook

Suzann Pettersen Says Trump Cheat Quotes #FakeNews

Suzann Pettersen caused controversy yesterday as quotes on Donald Trump from an interview with a Norwegian newspaper were picked up from media outlets across the globe.

In her interview with Verdens Gang, Pettersen, who is friends with US President Donald Trump, was quoted as saying that he “cheats like hell”.

Other quotes that surfaced from that interview included:

“He always says he is the world’s best putter. But in all the times I’ve played him, he’s never come close to breaking 80.

“So I don’t quite know how he is in business. They say that if you cheat at golf, you cheat at business.”

Pettersen called the quotes #fakenews in a tweet which she later deleted.

However, the 15-time LPGA Tour winner took to her Facebook page yesterday, saying the quotes were “not true at all’ and “taken way out of context”.

Her statement read:

“Over the last few days, the media has quoted me that I said President Trump “cheats in golf.”

Not true at all and this has been taken WAY out of context from a long interview I did last week with a Norwegian media outlet.

With a big smile on my face what I said was that he most likely paid his caddy well because every time he found his ball it was in the fairway.

The way this has been requoted by many other media outlets is NOT correct and not a fair account of the original interview.

I surely hope journalists that requote things like this in the future will read the full story and not just read headlines.

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Things always seem to come out the wrong way and what’s sad is that this was a very positive interview.

To me it seems like the media enjoys twisting things for their readers and viewers. Another lesson learned.

I’m sorry for Mr. Trump who I have known many years, who loves the game, and who I consider a friend!”

However, Verdens Gang’s US Correspondent Robert Simso told “We of course stand by all the quotes in the story.

“I always use a tape recorder in interviews, and this time was no exception.”

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