The American three putted the 18th green at TPC Sawgrass to miss out on a lot of money


Jason Dufner Responds After Missed Putt Costs Him $300K

We all know that golfers at the highest level earn a ridiculous amount of money, more than most of us can ever dream of earning.

However, this is about to put that into context.

Walking up to the 18th green on Sunday at TPC Sawgrass, Jason Dufner had a 17ft birdie putt to finish in second place and win $1.188m.

To put that in context, that translates to £825,000 which could pretty much buy you four semi-detached houses in England (the average price is £216,000).

Dufner missed the birdie chance but two putts for par would have still netted him $726,000 (£536,000) in a tie for second, almost enough for a semi-detached house in London.

Instead, however, Dufner missed a three footer (video below) and collected $416,000. That means his three-putt on the last cost him $770,000 (£568,000), which is enough to buy five flats or maisonettes in Wales (the average price is £103,000).

His missed three footer cost him $308,000 (£227,000), which can buy you a flat or maisonette in England. Can you image missing a putt worth more than most peoples’ houses?

So next time you miss a short one on the last to lose a fiver to your mate, it could be worse.

Watch Dufner’s missed putt on 18th here:

The 2013 USPGA Champion, who actually had a great week on the greens at TPC Sawgrass – ranking 3rd in Strokes Gained: Putting, took to Twitter to voice his disapproval over reaction to his missed putt and the money he had missed out on.

“Everybody wants to talk about the 3 feet I missed on the last hole, but nobody wants to talk about the 270feet made that had put me in that position. #movingonwithlife,” he wrote.

He then posted another tweet, saying that he didn’t lose the money because he never had it in the first place.

“Everybody also wants to talk about the money thing.. I won’t miss it, bc it was never mine… we earn our money each and every week, nothing is given to us until that final hole is completed. #momoneymoproblems.”

Dufner probably won’t lose too much sleep though, as his career earnings on the PGA Tour are just shy of $26,000,000.

Five-time PGA Tour winner Jason Dufner currently ranks 51st in the world. His last victory came at the 2017 Memorial Tournament.

*House price statistics from Gov UK’s January 2017 House Price Index