‘It’s Somewhat Close’ – When Bryson DeChambeau Confirmed Ballpark LIV Fee

DeChambeau opened up on his huge LIV Golf signing fee not long after joining the circuit

Bryson DeChambeau at the opening round of The Masters
Bryson DeChambeau has discussed how much he signed for LIV Golf for
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Bryson DeChambeau is enjoying a great week at The Masters and is in prime position to become the first LIV Golf player to win at Augusta National.

It’s now almost two years since DeChambeau’s big-money move to the circuit, but just how lucrative was the deal? He opened up on that not long after he joined.  

When DeChambeau made the move to LIV Golf in June 2022, it ended months of speculation over his future. He had been rumored to be joining even before the circuit had been confirmed, with reports that he had been offered upwards of $200m as early as February that year.

That figure seemed truly mind-boggling as, the previous year, DeChambeau had earned “just” $7.4m in prize money across the entire PGA Tour season.

Given that, it wasn’t a complete surprise when he was unveiled as a LIV Golf player four months later, although his switch did represent a u-turn after it came just months after he had vowed loyalty to the PGA Tour.

Bryson DeChambeau talks to the media before LIV Golf Portland

Bryson DeChambeau joined LIV Golf shortly after it launched in 2022

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In the end, it was reported that DeChambeau had been lured to the upstart alternative to the PGA Tour by a more modest figure of around $125m. Still, it was a powerful statement that the new venture, backed by the billions of the Saudi Public Investment Fund, could blow anything the PGA Tour could offer out of the water.

So, what really was his signing-on fee? Perhaps surprisingly, DeChambeau partially answered that question less than a month after joining LIV Golf during an appearance on the Country Club Adjacent podcast.

It was put to DeChambeau that he had a $125m smile, and he answered: "That's a little low. I'm not gonna say the details, I mean for what's reported it's somewhat close.”

He then added some details on the contract’s structure, saying: “It's a four-and-a-half year deal, I can definitely tell you that and a lot of it was up front which is great.”

But what does a young golfer with $125m (and change) burning a hole in his pocket do with the money?

Crushers GC with the LIV Golf Team Championship trophy

Bryson DeChambeau's Crushers GC won the 2023 Team Championship

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DeChambeau had already hinted at that days after he signed: "It was a business decision first and foremost and that's all there was to it,” he said. “It’s given me a lot more opportunity outside of the game of golf and given me more time with my family and my future family. So for me, that was the decision.”

Back to the podcast appearance, and DeChambeau elaborated on where the money was going. He said: “I've already put it in places that make sense, whether it's my foundation or real estate, being able to build a multi-sport complex or taking care of my family, taking care of what we've got going on with our content creation with Regecy, numerous other things too.”

Bryson DeChambeau takes a tee shot at the LIV Golf Las Vegas tournament

Bryson DeChambeau is one of the highest-profile LIV Golf stars

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Just over a year later, it was reported that the Dallas resident was indeed putting some of the money to work with the launch of UnderPar Life, a competitor to Topgolf, with its first venue to open at Hawks Creek Golf Course near Fort Worth in Texas.

The official website states the mission is to “create elevated golf experiences that grow the game.” The 16,000-square-foot venue will have 42 hitting bays for its 500-yard driving range, as well as other facilities including a golf instruction acedemy, three bars, a fitness area and a kitchen run by celebrity chef Christian Lehrmann.

According to an interview with D Magazine, DeChambeau doesn’t intend to stop there, saying it will be “the first of many locations designed to redefine access to golf by reducing cost barriers.” It’s expected to open in 2025.

While that’s all possible because of the “business decision” DeChamebeau made two years ago, there is another reason he’s admitted he signed the LIV Golf deal – his mom! Before The Masters, he explained: "People can say I moved to one side, but I did it for my family and what I had in front of me at that point in time. I think my mom would have probably smacked me for not taking the deal."

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