Grayson Murray Reveals US Open Locker Next To Arch Nemesis Kevin Na

The feuding pair will be direct neighbours in the locker room at Brookline this week

Feuding pair Grayson Murray and Kevin Na have been given neighbouring lockers at this week's US Open
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Things could get a little frosty in the locker room at this week’s US Open after it was revealed feuding pair Grayson Murray and Kevin Na have been given lockers directly next to one another. 

Murray - who said he told Na in Mexico he would “drop his a** right there” if it wasn’t for the threat of suspension - spotted the locker situation at the Country Club in Brookline, Massecheusetts. He tweeted a picture to his rival, along with a smiley face emoji.

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Ironically it was on Twitter that the two had their original falling out when Murray replied to a tweet from Golf Channel's Chantel McCabe. McCabe wrote: “Kevin Na walking in putts does not get old,” which prompted Murray to cut in and say: "Kevin Na taking 3 minutes to putt them does get old.” An obviously annoyed Na hit back: "U missing the cut is getting old!”. 

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Anyone who thought that was that was proved very wrong at the Mexico Open, when the pair almost came to blows on the practice range. Murray told The Stripe Show in April: "I was hitting balls on the range, and just kind of had my head down walking to the chipping green. Sure enough, I hear someone yelling and cussing at me. I won't repeat every word he (Na) said, but basically there was a lot of profanity involved, and calling me a not-so-nice word about how I should have said it to his face in person. 

"He didn't like that I didn't tag him on the post, which I'm pretty sure I did. I'm pretty sure Chantel had already tagged him, so if I respond he's already tagged in the post, so I think it works. I'm not afraid to go at him, I'll tag him. I went right up to his face and held my ground, and I told him, if I wasn't going to get suspended right now I'd drop his a** right there on the range. 

“Because what he said was very immature and I know he wouldn't have said it to me if we were just seeing each other outside of the golf course. It was a very immature thing to say four months later, and to do it on the range, which he knows is his safe spot, he knows that I'm not going to do anything to him, he's just provoking me.”

Murray was back on Twitter last week when Na revealed he was quitting the PGA Tour to play in the LIV Golf Series. The 2017 Barbasol Championship winner replied - making sure he tagged Na - saying “You won’t be missed,” before adding “@PGATour, our rounds just got 20 min faster”.

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Conspiracy theorists will speculate that the two have been forced together in the locker room to sort this out once and for all, and without needing to use social media to air their dirty laundtry, but it looks more likely that the lockers have just been allocated on an alphabetical basis, and Na followed Murray in the list of players. 

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