Former NFL Star Tony Romo Reveals 'Insane' Scottie Scheffler Stat After Playing 500 Rounds With World No.1

Tony Romo spoke highly of his good friend Scottie Scheffler, comparing him to Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus

Tony Romo hits a shot
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Former NFL quarterback Tony Romo says he’s never seen Scottie Scheffler not break 70 after playing hundreds of rounds with the world No.1. 

Romo, an avid golfer who has played in several PGA Tour pro-ams and even competed in Q-School pre-qualifying last year, spoke highly about his good friend Scheffler, comparing him to Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus

Speaking at the PGA Tour Champions’ Invited Celebrity Classic last week, Romo estimated that he’s played 500 rounds with Scheffler and is still yet to see him play a poor 18 holes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever played a round of golf with Scottie Scheffler and him not break 70 ever, which is insane,” Romo said. 

“Like now I’m actually starting to count it where I’m like, we got to be around 500 [rounds of golf]. I’m like, not one day you’re off in golf where you shoot 70, 71?

“It’s just he all of a sudden gets it back and the next shot he has the ability to autocorrect. He's one of the best pitchers ever; his short game is incredible. Remember Tiger? If he putts well, he wins. If not, he's in the mix.”

Scheffler continued his remarkable run of form with a three-shot victory at the RBC Heritage on Monday, his second-straight title following his Masters triumph and his fourth win in five starts.

In his 2024 season, Scheffler has shot 39 consecutive rounds under-par, and has only scored 70 or higher nine times.

Romo believes Scheffler’s streak is no fluke, saying he's on his way to joining “generational” stars like Woods and Nicklaus.

“There's guys who have their time in the sun and we see time periods where guys are amazing. Now it's still great and stuff, but it's so hard to sustain over a long period of time like Tiger and Jack did. These guys are generational. I think Scottie is that guy. He does not have a weakness.”

Romo remembers one round playing with Scheffler, in particular, that stood out: "Oh my gosh, I have not seen a guy hit a golf ball like this since Tiger back in the 2000s when I played with him. The way he was striking the ball, the compression, the trajectory, the spin-rate, it was impressive."

Scottie Scheffler

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Scheffler has spoken in the past about playing with Romo and betting on matches against the ex-NFL star.

“I will say, last time I played golf with Tony he did beat me, so shout out to Tony for that," Scheffler said last year. "He didn’t beat me in stroke play, but he did take some money off me. But I was able to give him one of his checks back that he had given me before, so he was pretty frustrated with that.”

Romo, 44, played in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys for 14 seasons before retiring in 2017. He has since been working as a NFL analyst for CBS and spending a lot more time on the fairways.

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