EA Sports PGA Tour Career Mode Trailer And Details Released

A trailer and more details of the forthcoming release's career mode have been revealed

A promotional graphic for EA Sports PGA Tour's Career Mode
A detailed Career Mode will feature on EA Sports PGA Tour
(Image credit: EA Sports)

Gamers have been kept waiting for EA Sports PGA Tour after it was initially pushed back a year. However, with the game now confirmed for a 7 April release, that patience will be rewarded soon.

EA Sports’ first golf game since 2015 will not only feature 30 “bucket list” courses in stunning detail, but it will also offer gamers the chance to create their own golfer and progress through the ranks. Now, an appetite-whetting trailer and more details have been released on the feature – and it looks incredible.

Career Mode will allow players to customise their golfer’s appearance. So, that includes visual customisations such as the clothing the player will wear as well as equipment choices down to minute detail including specific club head, shaft and grips. Meanwhile, players can also choose the swing style of their golfer.

That’s just the beginning, though. From there, the fully kitted out player can begin the journey on the road to greatness, starting as either an amateur, on the Korn Ferry Tour, or the PGA Tour.

As an amateur, players can compete in the US Amateur Championship, Augusta National Women’s Amateur, Amateur Championship, Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, and Latin American Amateur Championship. After that, it’s onto Q-school to play for a place on the the Korn Ferry Tour. As in real life, if once amateur championships have been won, golfers will receive an invitation to The Masters and US Open.

Players can either move onto the Korn Ferry Tour or head straight to the PGA Tour and the high-profile tournaments that brings, including competing in the Majors and Fed Ex Cup.

Players can also track their golfer’s career progression as they build out their skill set in areas including power, driving, approach, short game and putting and unlock new shot types and attributes along the way. 

Meanwhile, there is also an AI Pairings setting, giving players the chance to set their golfers shot for shot against an AI PGA Tour pro which is based on ShotLink data. That means the pros will play each hole precisely as they would in reality.

With the release now just a matter of weeks away and yet more tantalising details confirmed, there's no doubt that for many gamers, 7 April can’t come soon enough.  

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