The Curious case of Sergio Garcia

My take on the Spanish enigma, Sergio Garcia.


"In 13 years I have come to the conclusion that I need to play for second or third place. (In a major)' 'Tell me something I can do. I had my chances and opportunities and I wasted them. I have no more options. I wasted my options.'

The lyrical ramblings of Sergio Garcia after he blew any chance to win the 2012 Masters with a 75 on the Saturday, following a very positive start.

This is why I personally find the Spanish enigma both exhilarating and infuriating; this ridiculous interview showing how hot-headed and idiotic he can be, but then on the flipside, watching a pumped-up Garcia fighting his way round a course cannot be compared to any other sporting entertainment.

Obviously, he has admitted his regret at the comments and showed mental strength to fight back at this year's Masters, leader after round 1, only to throw it away again with a 76 on Friday.

Then came The Players. Finding the water 3-times on the final 2 holes and carding a 76, leaving Tiger Woods to take all the spoils (blaming Tiger for his miscued shot on the 2nd).

Whilst it would be obvious to now go through the foolish ‘chicken-gate' episode that followed, for me this anger and stupidity is oddly a sign that better things are on the horizon.

As we all know, he has all the talent in the world and is currently among the long list of ‘best players never to win a major'. This year, The Open has thrown up a delightful treat for Garcia - a course he has performed extremely well at before.

He seems to have an aura of determination about him and with the ridiculous statements he has made, surely he will be fired-up to break that elusive duck, prove all of us wrong and show the world who he really is.

And we all know what a fired-up Garcia means. Excitement, drama and unnatural talent.

Given the chance, he will not waste another opportunity. There, I said it.

Lewis Pacelli writes for Down the 18th "Golf Betting and Opinions from a young perspective"

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Lewis was a freelance writer for Golf Monthly in 2013.