The Yonex Ezone XPG HD driver has been unveiled, designed to offer golfers a higher, more draw-biased ball flight for more distance off the tee

Yonex, one of the pioneers of graphite technology in golf, has added a new model to its Ezone XPG driver range to compliment the existing models.


The Ezone XPG HD driver shares much of the same technology as the Ezone XPG model, but with a high draw capability instead of a neutral CG bias to help slower swing speed and slicers achieve more distance and accuracy off the tee.

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This extra capability is thanks to a lower, deeper and more heel biased CG location created by a change in position of the tungsten sole weight.

Just like the Ezone XPG driver launched in Autumn last year, it features a Carbon Graphite Crown that saves weight, allowing for a lower and deeper centre of gravity. Yonex’s ‘Dual Tungsten Power’ – tungsten weighting in both the sole and top of the grip combined with a lightweight shaft, creates a light feeling club that should lead to increased swing speeds.


An 8g weight comes as standard in sole but weights that are available through a fitting include a 2g, 4g, 6g, 10g and 12g, depending on your shot shape and swing weight preferences, to compliment the 20g of tungsten found in the top of the grip.


The driver also features the Quick Adjust System on the hosel, meaning golfers can change the loft up or down by up to 1.5°.

Both the standard Ezone XPG driver and HD version will have an RRP of £289. The driver sits below the Yonex Tri-G range in terms of price point, and above the Z-Force line.