Yonex Ezone GS Driver Review - Joel Tadman tests the new Ezone GS driver from Yonex out on the golf course

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Yonex Ezone GS Driver


  • Premium looks and wide-ranging adjustability to really help hit straighter drives while maintaining good distance. Solid, powerful feel off the face.


  • Ball speeds weren't quite as high on average as the mainstream brands. Not the easiest to align.


Yonex Ezone GS Driver


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Yonex Ezone GS Driver Review

Key technology
– A high-tensile, Honeycomb Structure graphite crown allows for more flex at the top of the face.
– A second-generation Power Groove sole allows maximum repulsion from low on the clubface and increases the size of the
driver’s sweetspot.
– A vertical polish on the face allows the ball to slide upwards at impact. This reduces the amount of sidespin that is created compared with a ‘traditional’ horizontally polished or milled driver clubface.


GM Review
Yonex might be a brand best known for its graphite shafts, but its talents spread much wider into metalwood design and specifically the new Ezone GS driver.

It’s an affordable, playable and adjustable driver that ticks the boxes many golfers look for despite Yonex not being a household name. It has interchangeable 2g and 8g weights on the sole, with one port located in the heel that enables golfers to increase the draw bias on offer. The hosel is also adjustable for loft and face angle to help tighten start lines and optimise launch.

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We tested a 9° model with the heavier weight at the rear in the striking yellow Rexis Kaiza-H x-stiff shaft produced in-house by Yonex.


The Ezone GS has a traditional look at address, with a premium matte finish and rounded profile. It isn’t the easiest to align, but the two rows of white dots on the face help frame the ball centrally.

This driver feels incredibly solid from a wide area and this translated into good distance without seemingly sacrificing accuracy. It didn’t quite produce the ball speeds of the latest models from the mainstream brands, but its efficiency of converting club speed to ball speed was as good as anything we’ve tested this year.

Carries hovered around the 270-yard mark, maxing out at 274 yards, which is no slump by any means. The spin at just over 2000 rpm was perfectly matched with the high launch angle of 14.5° launch angle but for some reason we couldn’t fashion the club speed we were accustomed to to really eke out extra yardage. Perhaps we were just testing on an off day.

Undoubtedly, the forgiveness of the head going a long way to offsetting any issues with strike and clubface control. The high-launching nature of the clubhead means it will likely work better for golfers with slightly slower swing speeds, who may also appreciate the slice-fighting capability of the moveable weight. We’re also confident most golfers will love looking down on the large, matte crown covered with subtle graphite details.


There’s no question the appeal of the Ezone GS stretches much wider than previous drivers from Yonex, and the price of £349 only serves to bolster the appeal.