Unique Yonex Tri Principle hybrid launched

Revolutionary Diagonal grooves are said to offer more consistent levels of spin


The eye-catching Yonex Triprinciple hybrid has been unveiled, featuring an unusual head design and diagonal grooves that create more consistent spin from different lies

Sometimes equipment breakthroughs come after a brilliant lightbulb moment; at other times, they are down to building many different prototypes to try and achieve the smallest of gains in performance over the competition.

For Yonex, when creating the new Tri Principle hybrid’s distinctive diagonal grooves, it was this second way that led to a eureka moment.

The new 3S grooves – the three Ss being scoreline, slanted and spin stabiliser – yielded more consistent spin and distance control from a multitude of lies, a discovery Yonex’s R&D team only stumbled across during testing.


Elsewhere, an unusually shaped weight-saving cutaway from the crown helps to lower the centre of gravity (CG) to make it more forgiving and easier to launch higher. The CG axis has also been positioned more optimally compared with traditionally designed hybrids to help increase both speed and forgiveness.

The non-adjustable Tri Principle hybrid is available in 20°, 23.5° and 27° lofts, with the counterbalanced shafts getting heavier as they reduce in length moving towards the higher lofts for more consistent distance gapping, something Yonex refer to as Reverse Flow Weighting.

It features a propriety Yonex WFS 300 graphite shaft and is available now with an RRP of £180.