On a cold winter’s day, with strong winds and light showers, the windproof top can offer a more lightweight option compared to an all-out waterproof jacket.  

As you can see, windproof jackets offer a wide range of different fits. While some adopt the baggier waterproof style, others provide a more fitted design. This completely changes the feel of the garment and importantly the amount of interference from the jacket when swinging. Certain styles of jacket will suit your size and shape far more than others. The more athletic fits can be combined with a lightweight waterproof and act as a mid-layer for extra warmth.

Along with a range of different fits and levels of protection on offer there is also the weight of the garment to consider. This is not as important for those who use an electric trolley during winter, but is essential for those who choose to carry a lightweight bag. Some of the heavier garments offer greater protection from the elements, while the lighter tops are designed to be layered with a number of different garments. The heavier jackets can also feel more restricting, but ensure that you buy a correct fit to help avoid this issue.

The advancements in fabric technology and improvements in design mean that the classic role-neck and a wool jumper are not your only option when it comes to layering your golf clothing. The combination of base, mid and outer-layers can reduce the restrictions that old baggy jackets were renowned for. Modern fibres that sit snug to the skin can also wick moisture away from the body to keep the body at a comfortable temperature. The windproof jacket can be used as an outer or mid-layer depending on the fit of the garment and the weather conditions you are faced with.