The new TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter launched by TaylorMade features front-loaded weighting to provide the feel of a blade with mallet-like forgiveness

TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter Launched

The new TaylorMade Spider FCG putter is said to look like a mallet but feel like a blade.

FCG stands for Forward Centre of Gravity and the putter gets its front-loaded weighting from heavy tungsten sole weights making up over 100g of weight positioned in the heel and toe. This is said to deliver the benefits and release of a blade, but with the MOI of a mallet.


In fact, two thirds of the total head weight is located in the front portion of the head, allowing the toe to rotate around that centre of mass.

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The 25g CU29 Pure Roll insert insert delivers a firmer feel and sound. Crafted from copper, this 25g insert is the heaviest TaylorMade has ever constructed and along with 45° angled grooves is said to increases topspin and improve forward roll compared to a solid face.

Visually, the new True Path T sightline provides perpendicular alignment, allowing the player to align from front to back, and/or from heel to toe.


Adjustable sole weights allow golfers to customize performance, feel and achieve precise swing weights at different putter lengths.

Spider FCG is available in three different hosel types, each meant for a different style of putting stroke. The Short Slant hosel offers 46° of toe hang (squarely in range with most blade models) to fit golfers with a significant amount of face rotation. The L-Neck has 25° of toe hang for golfers with moderate face rotation and the Single Bend is the most face balanced of the three – better aligning with golfers who have minimal rotation in the putting stroke.

A black KBS CT Tour Stepless Stability Shaft comes as standard, providing less deflection at the point of impact, as does a Super Stroke X Traxion Pistol 1.0 PT grip.

The TaylorMade Spider FCG putter is on sale Sept 4th with an RRP of £299 in 33″, 34″ and 35″ lengths in right and left handed.