The New Bubba Watson Golf Jet Pack certainly solves the issue of slow play!

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Could we be seeing the death of the golf buggy?

No, probably not, but the new golf jet pack launched by Bubba Watson and Oakley is certainly an innovation that the game has never before seen.

The two-time Masters champion launched the ‘Bubba Hover’ back in 2013 which was a hovercraft designed for golf courses.

This time, it’s the jet pack.

The BW-Air, which features room for golf clubs and other accessories and equipment needed during a round of golf, can fly up to 3,000 ft at a speed of 46mph thanks to its 210 horsepower engine.

The jet pack allows golfers to fly over trees and water hazards, whilst giving you a birds-eye view of the golf course.

Bubba says “Golf is always looking to speed up play and that’s what the jet pack is going to do.

How to Avoid Slow Play

“The jet pack is going to make the rounds faster and more fun. The biggest advantage I see is the bird’s eye view. It’s going to give you the perspective that you’ve been missing.”

Almost an ‘unfair advantage’ say Bubba and Oakley.

Prices start at a whopping $200,000 and it’ll be available to buy in December 2017 in a range of colours.

It has been developed by Martin Jetpack who Oakley say are the market leaders in jet pack development.

They say that they’re in talks with civil aviation authorities around the world who will create its own pilot training and licence requirements, as well as the situations in which the jet pack can be flown.