Ping are showing their Tour players a Rapture driving iron prototype this week at the Open.

With clubs of this type becoming more popular with manufacturers and players alike Ping are hoping to get some positive feedback from their players at Muirfield.

Specifications for the club are below.


Body: 17-4 Stainless Steel

Face: 455 Carpenter Stainless Steel

455 Carpenter Stainless Steels’ high strength allowed designers to thin the face to create faster ball speeds. Thinning the face increased discretionary mass which was then be re-positioned low and back on the clubhead. The face is designed flat to increase shot-making capability and promote a clean and square look at address.

Heel /Toe Tungsten Weighting  

High density tungsten weights have been placed low and back on the perimeter to boost inertia and position the CG extremely low. Resulting in a club that is forgiving on heel/toe mishits and produces a super penetrating and flat trajectory, ideal for the golfer looking to battle the wind or just simply keep the ball down. The tungsten weights account for 20% of the entire clubhead mass!

Tungsten Polymer Blend Sole Weight

A tungsten polymer blend soleweight inserted through the sole positions even more mass low to further decrease spin and allows us to fine tune swingweight.


Length: 39.75″
wingweight: D1

Loft: 17º

If Ping decide to bring this club to retail we will have details on the Golf Monthly website.