Ping has announced the launch of a family of Cadence TR putters to coincide with the launch of its Glide wedges and low-spin G30 driver


Ping has announced the launch of a family of Cadence TR putters to coincide with the unveiling of its Glide wedges and low-spin G30 LS Tec driver.

The Cadence TR putters have been engineered to reflect Ping’s belief that stroke tempo leads to consistency, and consistency is the key to holing more putts.

All Cadence models are available in traditional and heavy options, which will be suited to different golfers depending on their stroke tempo.

Players can be custom fitted for the right model to ensure consistency and accuracy from any distance.

The traditional models have a blue grip and blue aluminum face insert (below), while heavier models sport a black grip and a black steel insert.

Ping Cadence TR RustlerCadence TR putters – available in various head shapes – boast the next generation of true-roll technology, which first appeared on Ping’s Scottsdale and Nome TR putters in 2013.

An extension of variable depth grooves, the face slots vary in width and depth to provide golfers with impressive distance control.

This grooves have been forged to provided consistent ball speeds and distances across the entire face.

The Cadence TR putters are designed to have a response and feel similar to a traditional steel face.

Another key benefit is the breadth of the range, with models and head shapes to suit all manner of different stroke types, as follows:

Straight stroke: B65 (blade); Tomcat C (mid-mallet)

Slight arc: Anser 2 (blade), Answer w (blade), Rustler (mallet), Ketsch (mallet), Anser 2 CB (counter-balanced, comes in a 400g head)

Strong arc: Shea H (mid-mallet)

In addition, Ketch traditional and heavy models have 355 and 388g sole plates, while their true-roll grooves are milled directly into the face.

All Ping Cadence TR models will be available to purchase from the middle of February.

RRPs range from £139 to £189