The Odyssey White Hot RX putters have been unveiled, which combine a dual layer insert, a new face pattern and coating to provide a soft feel and better roll on the greens

The Odyssey White Hot insert has been around for 15 years and is one of the most successful putter technologies of all time. But Odyssey feel like they have improved upon it further with the launch of the White Hot RX series.

The goal was to create a face that felt softer than the Fusion RX insert and improve the roll of the ball. Odyssey’s Metal X pattern has done this job in other models but with the current material used on White Hot, implementing these oval patterns wasn’t possible.

So new for White Hot RX is a dual layer injected molded insert that has a softer core. This new core material is made of elastomer to offer the feel, ball speed and sound properties and is combined with a new cover material to create the ultimate in speed and feel.

Odyssey White Hot RX 2-ballIn developing the new cover, Odyssey tested 17 different materials in looking for the right sound and ball speed and well as ensuring the cover was firm enough (harder than a ball’s cover) so that the ovals would create the necessary friction that led to a better roll.

In the past, Odyssey have added texture to the insert to help improve the sound and the look. But when Odyssey moulded the Metal X pattern into the face insert, they couldn’t add texture to the cover as the edges would be rough. So instead, they used a paint coating that increased friction slightly more than if it wasn’t there.

Odyssey White Hot RX numberInternal testing showed increased top spin over White Hot and lower launch angle, so the ball gets in contact with the ground earlier, reducing the skid phase and improving roll.

The White Hot RX putters come in seven head shapes: #1, #2, #7, #9, Rossie, V-Line Fang and 2-ball. The #2 model is a squared off version of the #1. The #7 has a deeper face based on feedback from consumers. The #9 also has deeper face, there’s the ever popular 2-ball and new model called V-Line Fang. This came about from feedback from Japan wanting a mid-sized mallet, so Odyssey took the V-Line model and gave it a #7 treatment.

The Odyssey White Hot RX putters go on sale from February 26th. Prices range from £129 to £189 for the larger Tank versions. Golfers can choose from the standard rubber or SuperStroke grip options.