Odyssey Ten 2-Ball Triple Track Putter

The Odyssey Ten 2-Ball Triple Track putter made it on our Editor's Choice 2021 List.

(Image credit: Odyssey)

This new and technologically advanced Odyssey design made our Editor's Choice 2021 List.

Odyssey Ten 2-Ball Triple Track Putter

If you can’t get this putter lined up with this then you might want to take up bowls. This is one of the five Ten models and this combines Odyssey’s two biggest alignment concepts in one head.

And to make the very most of the two-ball and Triple Track innovations you can/should pair this with Callaway’s Triple Track ball.

Odyssey Ten 2-Ball Triple Track Putter

Maximum Stability

You might not think that the shaft is overly important in a putter but the Stroke Lab Weighting here means that they’ve shaved 40 grams off the shaft and redistributed it to the head and grip to help with balance and tempo.

The 2021 version is both stiffer and lighter and the result is fantastic with a very stable putter that rests perfectly behind the ball and makes the task of rolling the ball end over end so much simpler. It should come as no surprise then that we included this design in our guide on the best putters in all of golf. 

Cutting-edge Alignment

The technical term for the Triple Track innovation is Vernier Hyper Acuity which, in its simplest terms, refers to the ability of the brain to process subtle differences in alignment detected in the eyes. It’s the same visual clues that pilots use to land on aircraft carriers and here it makes the player really focus down on finding the middle of the putter face.

It first came about in the ERC Soft ball and expanded into their putters when Callaway’s Sean Toulon drew two blue lines on a 2-Ball putter and, not having a red Sharpie, his right-hand man Luke Williams added in a line down the middle.

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All the Ten putters feature the Microhinge Star insert which helps to get the ball rolling forward and end over end and also produces a great sounding putt. This putter comes in both a double bend and S-neck so there is the option of a face-balanced putter or one with some toe hang.

The dimensions here make this so forgiving it’s almost unfair.

Odyssey Ten 2-Ball Triple Track Putter

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