New Odyssey Toe Up putter range uses Stroke Balance technology to reduces torque so it’s easier to square the face for a more consistent putting stroke

The Stroke Balanced Odyssey Toe Up Putter utilises alternate forward weighting and a hosel ‘Toe Up’ balancing set-up to promote a consistent straight back and through putting stroke.

A similar concept to that employed on the greens by US amateur champion Bryson Dechambeau, Stroke Balanced technology ensures reduced torque during the putting stroke for minimal twisting, making it easier to get the face back to square at impact.

This important design feature is achieved by strategically placing more weight towards the face to balance the putter. In addition, the CG (centre of gravity) is also aligned with the centre of the face.

Odyssey Toe Up Putters

The Odyssey Backstryke putter used a similar idea in a mallet style putter a few years ago, where the shaft axis was more in line with the centre of gravity to reduce the torque – the tendency for the face to open and close during the stroke. But it was only available in this larger head size and it meant the shaft leaned forward, which was awkward for some people. So the hosel has been redesigned to reduce the torque in a smaller head size, helping the face return to square more often.

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Available in both #1 (above left) and #9 (above right) Odyssey head shapes and featuring a premium charcoal PVD finish, Toe Up Putters also benefit from a Metal-X face (below), which is perfectly flat and chemically etched, to promote a pure roll. Three-line Hi-def alignment, made popular in the Odyssey Marxman range, also highlights a proper address over the ball.

Odyssey Toe Up Putters face

The Toe Up Putters come complete with a SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension in the wrists and forearms. The grip includes SuperStroke’s new counter core technology.

Austie Rollinson, Odyssey’s principal designer, commented: “By bringing together new technologies in Toe Up Putters, we’ve now made it easier for golfers to get the face back to square at impact, meaning more on-line putts to help golfers lower scores.”

The Odyssey Toe Up Putters go on sale from 15th April with an RRP of £189.