The new Motocaddy M5 GPS Trolley Headlines 2020 Range, which also includes updates to the S1, M1 and M3 Pro as well DHC versions


Motocaddy M5 GPS Trolley Headlines 2020 Range

Golf trolley brand Motocaddy is introducing the world’s first touch screen-enabled electric trolley as the flagship model of its 2020 range.


The M5 GPS features a hi-res 3.5” LCD display that can be controlled in all weather conditions, even when wearing a glove. It incorporates a fully integrated GPS system with processing power similar to a modern-day smartphone to provide golfers with yardages on over 40,000 preloaded courses.

Front, middle and back distances are visible, along with the ability to move flag positions on the screen and check for any hazards on the hole. A clock, round timer and score tracking are also available, plus the par of each hole, the ability to measure a shot, automatic hole advancement and a battery indicator.


When connected to the free Motocaddy GPS app, golfers can also receive a wide-range of smartphone notifications direct to the touch screen without handling a mobile phone, alerting to a missed call, text message, email or range of app alerts, including WhatsApp and Facebook. The smartphone can be securely placed in a golf bag pocket or charged using the trolley’s patented USB charging port.

Along with the GPS technology, the M5 GPS is powered by a 28.8V drive system – also found on every M-Series model in the range – to enhance efficiency and performance reliability. Driven by a whisper-quiet 230W motor, the compact, lightweight and waterproof M-Series Lithium battery can be charged on board, meaning it doesn’t have to be removed for transportation and storage.

The M5 GPS also comes in a M5 GPS DHC version, which features an electronic parking brake and a downhill control function, which ensures the trolley maintains the same speed when travelling down slopes.


Like other M-Series models, the M5 GPS trolleys offer an optimal folded footprint while inverting wheels allows it to easily fit into the smallest car boots. Adjustable Distance Control (up to 60 yards or metres), a USB charging port, tool-free handle height adjustment and compatibility with the pioneering Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system are also included.

Along with the M5 GPS models and joining the M-Tech model, brand new S1, M1, M1 DHC, M3 PRO and M3 PRO DHC trolleys have also been given a makeover to incorporate an updated handle design, new frame and wheel colouring, plus features added to each model after extensive research among golfers.

For the first time, each model now includes a USB charging port and Adjustable Distance Control (ADC), plus a free Motocaddy Accessory Station comes as standard with every trolley. The new look includes a sleek Graphite frame and wheels across the entire electric trolley family, with standout detailing in the Red, Blue and Lime trim depending on the model.


The brand new S1 is simple to use and features an anti-glare LCD screen, nine speed settings and ADC in 15, 30 and 45-yard increments. The brand’s Quikfold mechanism allows the trolley to be ready-to-use in seconds, plus the soft-touch ergonomic handle has been updated for easy manoeuvrability.


The new M1 boasts a car boot friendly profile for optimum storage. A speed indicator, battery meter and ADC up to 45 yards are featured on the trolley handle screen, which is visible in all weather conditions. The M1 DHC includes all the features found on the M1, but it can also maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient – thanks to a special single motor that offers downhill braking, coupled with an electronic parking brake. It also comes with specialised all-terrain DHC wheels.


The modernised M3 PRO and all-new M3 PRO DHC features Drive, Round & Life distance measurements, Clock & Round timer and speed indicator on the high resolution, full colour LCD screen. Adjustable Distance Control increases to 60 yards in 5-yard increments and a CartLock security pin code is also included.

The trolleys will be available for the start of the 2020 season with the following RRPs:

M1 – £599.99 (Standard Lithium) and £649.99 (Ultra Lithium)
M1 DHC – £649.99 (Standard Lithium) and £699.99 (Ultra Lithium).
M3 Pro – £649.99 (Standard Lithium) and £699.99 (Ultra Lithium)
M3 Pro DHC – £699.99 (Standard Lithium) and £749.99 (Ultra Lithium)
M5 GPS – £749.99 (Standard Lithium) and £799.99 (Ultra Lithium)
M5 GPS DHC – £799.99 (Standard Lithium) and £849.99 (Ultra Lithium).