Motocaddy's Pro 3000 Laser Rangefinder is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser Rangefinder

Motocaddy, makers of some of the best electric trolleys on the market, has entered into the laser category, and its Pro 3000 is certainly a welcome addition.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser

As you’d expect, it’s a feature-packed device, but whereas some units can take a little getting used to, the Pro 3000 is wonderfully simple to use, so it’s sure to appeal to both the serious and casual golfer. 

Simple Technology

Featuring PinLock technology with vibration and visual confirmation, the Pro 3000 ensures the golfer can always trust the distance and better prepare for their next shot.

It offers accuracy to less than a yard with 7x magnification at a range of 1,300 yards.

There’s no doubt it can make you a smarter golfer, especially off the tee, and is one of the best golf laser rangefinders you can buy.

When scanning the hole, rapid detection picks up the distances, which change almost constantly as you move to different targets. 

Then there’s slope mode, which displays both the legal and adjusted distance.

A feature such as this makes club selection so much easier, and allows you to swing with more confidence, knowing the yardage you have is spot on. 

Noise filtration is also another clever feature, making it easy for the user to isolate the target, whilst the high-resolution LCD display gives clear visuals, no matter the light conditions. 

Ergonomic Design

Motocaddy is renowned for its attention to detail, so it’s no surprise the Pro 3000 ticks a load of boxes on this front, too.

It’s beautifully compact and lightweight, whilst the textured rubber grips ensure it feels nice and secure.

And, in a world-first, the exclusively designed case also attaches to a Motocaddy Accessory Station for quick and easy access out on the course.

While the Pro 3000 has been positioned more toward the premium end of the market, given the level of features and the seamless user experience, it’s fully justified. 

Motocaddy Pro 3000 Laser