The Motocaddy M3 GPS electric trolley is one of the products featured on our Editor’s Choice list for 2021

Motocaddy M3 GPS Electric Trolley

While Motocaddy has proven itself to be more that capable of producing feature-packed electric trolleys, it acknowledges that some golfers want modern functionality in a simpler package.

Step forward the new M3 GPS, which provides a more stripped back GPS experience than the impressive M5 GPS and M-Tech models for 2021.

It incorporates a high resolution 2.8” LCD touchscreen display and can connect to the Motocaddy GPS app through Bluetooth for smartphone alerts and course updates. All this and more makes it one of the best electric golf trolleys on the market.

Motocaddy M3 GPS Golf Trolley

Something For Everyone

Offering fast and accurate data through an integrated GPS processor, the responsive screen offers distances to the front, middle and back of the green, plus hazard information for over 40,000 worldwide courses. It also includes shot measurement in addition to clock and round timers to help track pace of play, so there are useful features than even the luddites among your fourball will enjoy.

The trolley is powered by a next-generation 28V drive system and a high-quality super-light M-Series Lithium battery that can be charged on board, meaning it doesn’t have to be removed for transportation. This adds an extra level of convenience when topping up the power and the battery has an IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring it can be used safely in all weather conditions.

Compact And User Friendly

What’s also great about the M3 GPS is how small it folds down, which is crucial if your car boot lacks surplus space once your golf bag is inside. This is thanks to the ‘SlimFold’ frame design that allows the ambidextrous sporty five-spoke wheels to invert to create a smaller footprint. 

For a more enjoyable on-course experience, there’s a tool-free handle height adjustment mechanism and compatibility with the Easilock bag-to-trolley connection system, which when paired with a Motocaddy golf bag stops it from twisting and removes the need for a lower bag strap.

It also comes in a DHC version, which includes all the features found on the M3 GPS but will maintain a constant speed while moving downhill thanks to a special single motor and also comes with an electronic parking brake that can be used both uphill and downhill. 

So if you want the features without the faff, the M3 GPS electric trolley is certainly one to consider this season.

Motocaddy M3 GPS Golf Trolley