The new Mizuno MP-T5 wedge has been unveiled, and it's set to offer 25 possible loft and bounce combinations

The new Mizuno MP-T5 wedges deliver the precision and feel you’ve come to expect from Mizuno, with new loft and bounce combinations adding fitting options, and a Luke Donald inspired grind providing extra versatility.

They incorporate a Grain Flow Forging construction and a refined teardrop profile that is based on what Donald plays when he needs versatility from a variety of set ups and positions.

In total, the Mizuno MP-T5s feature 25 possible combinations of loft and bounce. The lower lofts (49-53°) will have deeper and narrower grooves that help increase spin control on pitches and full shots, while the higher lofts (54-62°) will feature wider and shallower grooves that aid chips and partial shots around the green.

The grooves have also been Quad Cut and precision CNC milled to ensure exact manufacturing consistency, which allows Mizuno to reach that maximum legal limits for spin.

The Mizuno MP-T5 (£110) comes in two sole types to suit varying techniques and turf conditions, and two finish options; a Black IP that retains its coating, and a White Satin finish that reduces glare.

To find out more about the MP-T5 wedges watch the below video with Mizuno star Luke Donald: