Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and
bright coloured golf and lifestyle apparel has something for its fans in the
Europe to really shout about – a full range of made-to-order (MTO) Loudmouth

Customers can now order a variety of
Loudmouth products including men’s and women’s Plus Fours (aka Knickerbockers),
chef coats, sports jackets and more in sizes and styles that will suit them all
to a tee.

All Loudmouth designs are available from
the swirls of Angry Birdies, to the colour rush of Razzle Dazzle White, the hot
pink Bubblegum to the floral Magic Bus. And every design offers customisable
Loudmouth clothing choices.

From long trousers to shorts, skirts to
skorts and blazers to jackets, individual items are made to order for exact
preference on size, fit and additional features.

For example, all women’s sizes are
available from 8 to 24, with both skirts or skorts offering a choice of
variable outseam lengths.

Likewise men’s waist sizes run from 26 to
60, offer a differing choice of fits, leg lengths from 26 to 60, and the option
of Velcro cargo pockets.

Made-to-order custom orders will take
approximately 3-4 weeks from online purchase to doorstep delivery and Loudmouth
will always carry inventory with standard sizes for immediate overnight

“This is a big deal for Loudmouth and our
customers. Previously, UK orders had to be processed through our USA website,
but now they can make a custom purchase along with any regular items and pay in
Sterling with no extra shipping costs,” said Tracy Sanderson, general manager
for Loudmouth Europe.

“Now all our European customers will have
access to the entire range of Loudmouth designs including those which have
previously been accessible only to the US making for a highly effective
customer shopping experience.”