Jamie Spence attends GC2 launch in Kent

Jamie Spence attends GC2 launch in Kent

Jamie Spence using the latest GC2 technology

European Tour winner, Jamie Spence, was welcomed by Kent's Redlibbets Golf Club to present its GC2 performance simulation on June 14.

The GC2 performance simulation by Foresight Sports tracks ball flight and records spin, carry, total distance and launch angle to help a golfer fit equipment and improve their game.

The club acquired the GC2 technology after seeing how it could change the game for their members and locals in the area.

They have already had success with it and most who have tried it have found their perfect golf club and improved their game.

Head coach Peter Appleyard said: "With the bad weather that we have been having, it allows you to play a round of golf in the comfort of the club house, and when the weather does change, it is portable and can be moved outside."

Those who attended the launch benefitted from some top tips from Jamie Spence.

"As a junior, the most important thing you can do is play. Play as much as you can and get a feel for the course, and for the game," said Spence.

"A key aspect of the game is a good grip, and lessons with a professional can really help you to achieve that."

He also recommended spending 10 minutes putting at the beginning and end of an hour's training session and to fill the other 40 minutes with bunker play and chipping.

"It's tempting for many golfers to go straight on to the driving range, but to improve your short game it is important that you go in to the bunkers during every practice session."

To try out the GC2 Golf Simulation or to play a round of golf at Redlibbets Golf Course please contact Phil Beever or Peter Appleyard on: 01474 872278.

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