The majority of British club golfers believe their sport isn’t sufficiently represented in the national press, according to a recent survey by HowDidiDo, Europe’s largest golfing community.

An overwhelming 98% of respondents fell golf isn’t seen as a priority by the national sports press, while 97% believe football dominates the thoughts of those of national sports desks.

in addition, only 16% feel that golf coverage is ‘good or better’ when it is covered by national newspapers. More than half believe golf reporting is ‘below average or worse.’

The Telegraph and Mail, though, are regarded as giving the best coverage, notching 30 and 20% respectively.

The tabloid press faired particularly badly, with the Daily and Sunday Express, Daily and Sunday Mirror and the Daily Star receiving a lowly 11% of the vote between them.

In total, 2,260 people responded to the three questions posed.

“We were not surprised to learn that most club golfers believe that football is the be all and end all for the national media,” said Barry Dyett, HowDidiDo‘s Managing Director.

“It’s probably more of a surprise to see just which papers our members – all paid-up club golfers remember – believe give the sport best coverage when it does feature.

“Does this suggest tabloid editors believe their readership does not play or has no interest golf? You’d have to ask them, but, if so, it’s a pretty anachronistic view.”

HowDidiDo is Europe’s largest golfing community, holding in excess of 21 million rounds and the handicaps, results and scores of more than 1,300,000 UK golf club members.