Golf Pride Align Technology Now On Tour Velvet Grips

Consistent hand placement now made easier on Golf Pride's most popular grip on tour

Golf Pride Align Technology Now On Tour Velvet Grips

Golf Pride Align Technology Now On Tour Velvet Grips - Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips now feature the revolutionary Align technology for consistent hand placement

Golf Pride Align Technology Now On Tour Velvet Grips

Golf Pride's Align technology was first introduced to the flagship MCC and MCC Plus4 grip families last year.

It features a dedicated raised ridge that extends down the back of the grip to promote consistent hand placement that increases clubface awareness throughout the swing and at impact.

For 2018, it is being made available on the Tour Velvet, which is the #1 grip played on all global Tours, with nearly 50% of the field in any given event choosing its proprietary feel and proven “plus-sign” texture performance.


Although introducing Align Technology to the Tour Velvet may appear simple on paper, adding this innovative technology to the high standard of tour performance grips proved to be more difficult.

Golf Pride engineers managed the challenge through advancements in both material and process developments, while ensuring its same world-renowned feel and performance.

Golf Pride explain how to get the right grip for your game

Jonathon Neal who is the head of marketing for Golf Pride Grips said: “We had received incredible feedback from Tour players and amateurs last year about our MCC Align and MCC Plus4 Align grips, and we even saw a major victory in the first week the technology was put in play on the Champions Tour,”

“Last year, we had a countless number of players request that we make Align Technology available in other models. Consequently our R&D team worked rigorously in the lab to ensure that a player would keep the same feel and texture in the Tour Velvet.”

For more information on the Align Technology and the entire 2018 Golf Pride product offering, visit


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