GoKart launches Automatic feature

GoKart has launched its new Automatic golf trolley feature. Find out more about the GoKart Automatic and how to order your electric golf trolley


GoKart has launched its new Automatic golf trolley feature. The GoKart is well known for its simplicity and ease of use but the new addition makes it even easier.

From now on golfers simply hold the trolley's handle and start walking for it to match pace. The GoKart Automatic will even continue at the pace you set upon letting go of the handle.

Chris Catford is a director of GoKart and previously launched Hill Billy trolleys along with his father Joe - the original inventor of PowaKaddy - and he believes the Automatic was the natural next step for the product.

Catford said: "Since launching the GoKart in 2007 we've had tremendous feedback on how easy it is to use. There are no complicated latches, connections or fittings and people really seem to like that so we thought the best way to improve on our success was to make it even easier.

"Now people don't have to worry about adjusting the speed to exactly match theirs, it happens automatically".

The GoKart retails at £244 with the Automatic feature available as an optional extra for a further £40.

Weighing in at 8.2kg GoKart is easy to lift and set up with a 230W motor.

GoKart comes with an 18-hole battery as standard - 36-hole and lithium batteries are also available for a supplement - and the modern design is available in green, blue, red, pink, orange or black.

GoKart also comes with a 28-day trial period, at the end of which a full refund can be obtained even if it was used every day. For more information, or to buy a GoKart, call 01227 712288, email go@gokart.co.uk or go to gokart.co.uk

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