Guerin Rife adds four new designs along with a training aid and new grip for 2019.

Evnroll Adds Four Designs To Award-Winning Putter Line

New for 2019, Evnroll have announced four new innovative designs to go along with a unique putting trainer and grip.

Four New Models

The first is the new ER1TS which features the same head-shape and style than the ER1 but has an additional hosel that shifts the shaft an inch in front of the face. This helps create a stable ‘effective’ MOI of 20,000. In essence this creates a forward press without moving the shaft which helps promote a stable putting stroke.

Next is the ER2.2 which is a new plumber neck model based upon the ER2 Midblade.

The third model, the ER5B is an all-black design thanks to a black armour finish. This also comes with a black shaft, grip and head cover which enhances the aesthetics of the product. It also helps the user against pulled putts thanks to its low heel bend and enhanced toe hang.

The final new model is the one Guerin Rife has said is the prettiest putter he has ever produced. The ER8.3 flow-neck Players Mallet, like the other three models, is CNC-milled from 303 Stainless Steel and is hand-finished in the United States. All of them also come with the ‘Sweet Face’ technology which is the unique mill pattern on the face of the putters, and is designed to give universal performance across the entire putter face.


The brand has also released their TourStroke trainer which is designed to help you create the perfect putting stroke. It does so thanks to its elongated hosel which angles in front of the face thereby helping you create a putting stroke with a shorter takeaway, one that remains square at impact and a longer follow-through.

Gravity Grip

To add to that, Evnroll has released a new V-shaped putter grip which is slightly heavier than usual to try and make sure the face of the putter remains square throughout the swing.

Overall the ER1TS, ER2.2 and ER8.3 will be available for £309 whereas the ER5 Black will cost £349. The TourStroke trainer will be £169.

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