A concept made famous by Bryson DeChambeau, Cobra has launched its own single length irons designed to improve a golfer's consistency


Alongside the launch of the new King F7 and Forged Tour irons, Cobra has become the first major manufacturer to offer single length iron sets. Put in the spotlight by staff player Bryson DeChambeau earlier this year, Cobra has launched the King F7 One and Forged One irons, the latter currently used by DeChambeau on Tour.

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Cobra says its one-length sets provide golfers with optimised performance, distance, forgiveness and control of every shot.

bryson dechambeau

“I approach the game of golf a lot differently than most, primarily from a scientific standpoint,” said DeChambeau. “I have a more technical, unique swing than many other players, but there is a misconception that single-length irons are only for a single-plane swing like mine. That is simply not true. Regardless of how you swing and what your skill level is, you can benefit from the simplicity of a constant length set of irons.”

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The King F7 One Length irons make their debut as Cobra’s first ever single-length iron set. They feature the same ‘Tecflo’ construction and ‘Pwrshell’ face design as the conventional King F7 irons, but re-engineered for 7-iron length and weighting throughout the set. Heavier long iron heads and lighter short irons produces a consistent trajectory and distance gapping through the set.


Cobra’s research shows that across the board players testing King F7 One irons improved in accuracy, with tighter distance and dispersion variation from shot-to-shot, leading to increased confidence and better iron play. In addition, the clubs one-length design simplifies the set-up for one swing through the set leading to more centered strikes.

Also available in One length is the King Forged Tour, called the Forged One and distinguished by its blue trim, a better player model that prioritises feel and shot-making. It has the same technology as the conventional King Forged Tour, but with adjusted head weights and of course, all coming in 7-iron length.


“The 2017 iron offering is Cobra’s most innovative and exciting yet,” said Tom Olsavsky, Head of R&D for Cobra Golf. “Not only have we improved our progressive sets this year, but we are introducing our first-ever One-Length option that will help to bring more consistency and simplicity to the game of golf for all players. In 2017 we will truly have an innovative, high-quality iron solution for every type of player.”

Cobra will also be offering One Length speciality wedges (RRP £89) in 56° and 60° (V grind) featuring the a KBS Tour FLT steel shaft and Lamkin Crossline ACE -Blue grip with red and white accents, and the same 7-iron length.

The King F7 One and Forged One irons have the same RRPs as the conventional models and will also be available in January 2017.