The new Cobra King F6 woods have been unveiled, including the F6+ driver with a revolutionary sliding weight track on the sole and an ultra-low CG

The Cobra King F6 range of woods replaces Cobra Fly-Z and features a host of adjustability technologies to alter launch characteristics and optimise distance.

The F stands for fitting, flight and fun and all three can be achieved across the range of King F6 and F6+ drivers, launched alongside the King F6 irons.

The King F6 driver is the most forgiving of the F6 range and features the same Flip Zone technology found in the Fly-Z+ driver whereby a 10g and 3g weight can be positioned in the front or rear positions to alter the launch, spin and forgiveness of the club. The lighter 3-gram weight can be removed all together, offering a third option to maximise CG movement and spin differential.

Cobra King F6 driver

It features a titanium crown and Forged Titanium face within an oversized profile at address to boost confidence and maximise distance and forgiveness.

Cobra’s MyFly8 adjustability offers eight different loft settings to fine tune trajectory, including three draw options, while the SmartPad technology on the sole behind the face keeps the clubface square regardless of the hosel setting you choose.

Updated Speed Channel technology, an engineered trench around the perimeter of the face, minimises thickness and increases ball speed across the face.

The King F6+ driver is Cobra’s most adjustable driver to date, offering a lower CG and higher MOI to maximise distance and forgiveness.

The key innovation is the ‘carbontrac’ on the sole. Made of carbon fibre, which is lighter than the titanium track found on the Fly-Z+ driver, it houses an 18g weight that can be fixed in five different locations (nine if you included the notches in between) on the sole from front to back.

Cobra King F6+ driver

Testing has shown that spin can vary by up to 500rpm from front to back while the sound and feel changes also, depending on where the weight is located. With the weight at the front, the F6+ is Cobra’s lowest spinning driver in its range for 2015/16 thanks to an ultra-low CG position.

“The F6 drivers are all about catering to a set up that somebody could need in order to better suit their game,” Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing, told GM.

“Whether it’s in the F6+ where they’re moving 18 grams front to back or the F6 model which is an oversized driver that has back CG to give this person a lot of forgiveness and is easy to hit and then a CG position in the front to reduce the spin enough to help them get a little more distance and a little bit lower spin than they’re used to.”

Cobra King F6+ driver

The track itself is also positioned at a slight angle, so as the weight moves closer to the face it also moves towards the toe, creating a slight fade bias that better players, who would tend to have the weight forward to reduce spin, prefer.

“We tilted the angle to make sure that we could make the track as long as possible and we find that people that move to the front, those same people are typically the ones who hit a little bit of the hooks and putting the weight near the toe helps alleviate that shape,” Miraflor continued.

Cobra F6+ drivers address

Cobra have been able to implement this carbontrac thanks to a very light carbon fibre crown, which means more weight in the clubhead has moved low down. This means that the CG location is now 0.4mm below the neutral axis, meaning a higher launch and lower spin on shots struck above the centre of the face thanks to the vertical gear effect.

To improve forgiveness further, Cobra’s re-engineered Forged E9 face technology optimises the clubface thickness in key areas based on exhaustive golfer testing to save valuable weight and maximise distance on mis-hits.

Additionally, the F6+ is also offered in a Pro model which features the same size head (460cc) as the F6+, but with a lower loft range (7.0°-10°), a flatter lie angle and fade settings instead of draw more suited to faster swingers.

Cobra King F6 driver specs

The F6 driver has an RRP of £249 with a Matrix Ozik Red Tie 60Q4 shaft fitted as standard in lofts 9-12° and three draw settings. The F6+ driver has an RRP of £299 and comes with a Matrix Ozik Black Tie 65M4 shaft. Adjustable MyFly8 lofts of 9-12° with three draw settings. Both drivers are available in black, blue or white crowns from January 29th, 2016.


F6 fairway woods and hybrids

In the Fly-Z and Fly-Z+ models, golfers couldn’t switch between having the weight at the front or back of the head on the same model. But the F6 fairway wood is Cobra’s first fairway wood to feature adjustable sole weighting.

Cobra King F6 fairway and hybrid

Now, golfers can position a 20g in the front or rear of the head depending on their preference thanks to Cobra’s Flip Zone technology. The front CG weight position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll to maximise distance, while the back CG weight position delivers a towering ball flight with more carry and maximum forgiveness.

It also features a thin stainless steel face and Speed Channel for forgiveness and distance and MyFly8 loft adjustability along with SmartPad to keep the face square.

Cobra King F6 fairway and hybrid

The adjustable F6 hybrid has a 13g weight fixed in the back of the sole to maximise forgiveness and allow for a larger range of dialling in swing weight. It features a thin steel crown and face as well as the Speed Channel and new pear shape that is more rounded but less toe heavy and bulbous to suit the eye of more golfers at address. A shorter hosel configuration improves the look at address further and lowers the CG.

F6 fairway woods and hybrids spec

The F6 fairway wood has an RRP of £179 and comes in 3-4 (13-16°), 5-6 (17-20°), and 7-8 (21-24°) adjustable lofts with a Matrix Red Tie 65Q4 shaft in a black, blue or white crown. The F6 hybrid has an RRP of £149 and comes in 2-3 (16-19°), 3-4 (19-22°) and 4-5 (22-25°) adjustable with a Matrix Red Tie HQ4 shaft and in a black crown only from January 29th, 2016.

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