Cobra Fly-Z+ driver review

Here you can read the Golf Monthly Cobra Fly-Z+ driver review

cobra fly-z+ driver review
Golf Monthly Verdict

A driver with a great deal to offer, with noticeable performance gains compared to the Cobra Bio Cell+ driver from last year

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Impressive and easy to implement adjustability combined with excellent all round performance from a great looking head

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Unlike other driver models in this price range, there is no option to move weight in the head that would influence left to right trajectory

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Here you can read the Golf Monthly Cobra Fly-Z+ driver review. The Fly-Z+ represents the Cobra's complete development into producing clubs with plenty of both style and substance

The latest Cobra family of clubs features plenty to be impressed with, particularly in the form of the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver. The Fly-Z+ takes many of the positives seen in the Cobra Bio Cell+ driver and introduces a number of new technologies, with the promise of added control and distance.

The colour options available are no longer the key talking point in Cobra drivers, but it is interesting to note how different the head looks in the various crown colours on offer. The choices available in this year’s new Cobra Fly-Z+ are black, white, blue, orange and red.

Like a number of impressive new driver models for 2015, the Fly-Z+ looks very high-tech. Designers have clearly taken things forward once again in the visuals department, and it is easy to spot the top-end model in Cobra’s family of drivers.

Cobra Fly Z+ at address

Cobra Fly Z+ at address


The shaft offerings are very impressive. The Cobra Fly-Z+ driver comes with an aftermarket Matrix VLCT ST shaft (60g) as standard, and is also available with an Aldila Tour Green (67g), Aldila Tour Blue (76g) and the new Matrix White Tie X4 (53g). None of these options cost more than the standard driver shaft.

Tech Talk

The new Speed Channel Technology means that the perimeter of the face is thinner to increase ball speeds and improve performance on shots that miss the middle of the club. This combines with the existing Forged E9 Face technology, in which weight is removed from key areas behind the face and hosel to increase the size of the sweetspot and the power on offer. The multi-material driver head is made from a new titanium body combined with a carbon fibre crown and sole pieces. The weight savings from these parts and the face are then repositioned low in the head to improve the performance on offer.

Cobra Fly Z+ Driver face view

Cobra Fly Z+ Driver face view

The latest adjustability addition is FlipZone weight technology. This allows the centre of gravity position to be moved between forward and back settings to vary both ball flight and the amount of spin imparted on the ball.


As with the majority of the top-end models on sale in 2015, the performance of the driver will very much depend on how you set it up. You, and the fitter, will be able to get close to the performance you are looking for, whether you’re after added distance or more accuracy. The forgiveness levels here were impressive, particularly when the centre of gravity was positioned further back for me.

Cobra Fly Z+ driver

With the right settings this driver produced clear distance gains over the Cobra Bio Cell+ driver from last year. It’s a powerful club that is up there with the best drivers already on the market.

As with other models recently reviewed, the loft options, adjustability, and scope to vary the centre of gravity position means you can pick a head and then set it up to produce a wide range of ball flights. Whether you are after a lower flight with more run, or a higher flight with more carry, the Fly-Z+ will be able to deliver.

A solid sound that neither wowed nor disturbed! Cobra drivers have perhaps been a little under-appreciated in recent years, but this model, and the rest of the brand’s 2015 line, could, and should, bring it back into the spotlight. Adjustability that is easy to understand, combined with forgiveness and distance, makes this a top model.

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